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Harnessing Aries Energy: Navigating Cosmic Shifts on May 4th & 5th

Headshot Dorothy Morgan Astrologer Astrology May 4th and 5th

The Astrology for May 4th and May 5th is more then just a minor lunar event so I felt inspired to write this little bit for us. Harnessing Aries Energy: Navigating Cosmic Shifts on May 4th & 5th.

As Saturday, May 4th unfolds, the Moon is traversing the final degrees of Pisces, urging us to surrender to the natural flow of life. This is a period of introspection, where allowing emotions to surface and embracing moments of quietude can lead to profound insights. Consider engaging in practices like meditation or creative pursuits, as they may pave the way for receiving long-awaited messages.

Later on May 4th, as the afternoon progresses, the Moon enters Aries and remains there until Monday the 6th. Concurrently, Mercury aligns with the degree of the recent April 8th Eclipse, marking a potent alignment of cosmic energies that we can use. Let me explain.

This weekend presents a prime opportunity to actively pursue the intentions set during the New Moon Solar Eclipse on April 8th, with a particular emphasis on the bold and assertive traits embodied by Aries: drive, courage, and decisive action as well as Harnessing the Aries Energy for Navigating the Cosmic Shifts.

Additionally and the important point today, the conjunction of Mercury to the Solar Eclipse degree 19 Aries intensifies this energy even further. Solar Eclipses are powerful new beginnings, often associated with profound shifts and changes. And if you are like me, I felt nothing specific on the Eclipse Day but I did set some intentions for myself. Now with Mercury involved (conjunct the eclipse degree this weekend), it suggests that these changes may be related to how we think, communicate, and gather information. Mercury was near by during the eclipse anyway but now it is not retrograde and it is exactly at the eclipse degree and hanging out with Chiron. An additional opportunity for inner healing.

This alignment of Mercury at the eclipse degree can inspire us to take bold new initiatives, speak our truth, and pursue our goals with confidence. It's a time for innovative thinking, assertive action, and embracing new beginnings with enthusiasm and courage.

However, it's essential to remain mindful of impulsive behavior and to think before acting, as the fiery energy of Aries combined with Mercury's influence can sometimes lead to hasty decisions.

Additionally and just as important, we are in the final lunar phase before the next New Moon on May 7th, indicating this is not the weekend to actually take steps forward but we should be figuring out what we need to let go of before creating the next step. Good thing you read this far.........

It is a time of recognizing the things we need to release.

So, despite the abundance of Aries activation over the weekend, the current lunar phase suggests that the action we are to take involves having the courage to face our fears and letting go of old habits and patterns. This creates space to manifest things that nourish our souls and encourage positive growth when we arrive at the next New Moon.

I would love your feedback about this and also tell me your story. Do you feel these energies? What are you ready to release?

The video of this is already posted on Patreon and will be on my You-Tube on Friday. Please come and support there as well.

If you need some additional and personal help figuring this out let’s book a private session and work it out together.  



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