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Gemini Moon - Balsamic and New Moon June 17/18

Balsamic Lunar phase

The Moon will be in Gemini Thursday night the 15th thru the New Moon on the 18th. This serves as a valuable reminder. While many tend to associate Gemini with traits such as excessive talkativeness, flightiness, and gossip, these aspects do represent its shadow form.

However, it is important to recognize that Gemini also embodies a genuine desire to seek knowledge and understanding through information gathering, attentive listening, and quiet contemplation.

As we approach the New Moon, the days leading up to it serve as a period of reflection for everyone. Given that the Moon will be in Gemini by the evening of the 15th this introspective time involves not only tuning in to our internal dialogues but also lending an ear to others. Either of these practices uses the current Balsamic Lunar Phase in Gemini well.

By practicing the art of attentive listening without passing judgment, we can attain a profound sense of peace and grounding that is greatly needed in our lives.

My inspiration for today's post is from this quote by Guru Mooji

Don’t be too quick to interpret.

Just keep quiet.

My encouragement is:

Never think anything is against you.

Take everything as a blessing.

Why should it be different?

Just be quiet and observe.

See how everything works out beautifully.

~ Mooji

From White Fire ~ Second Edition

The New Moon in Gemini Forecast is by Video only this month. Please follow this link to my YOU-TUBE



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