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Quincunx Aspects September 24 - October 19, 2023 and the Yod pattern - The Libra Equinox

When Making a Decision Feels Impossible but worth it in the end

Astrology September 23rd is the Equinox @ 2:50 AM EDT

The Sun in Libra is the beginning of a period of self-discovery. It prompts us to reflect on areas in our lives that require balance and equilibrium. It's a time to assess and work on harmonizing various aspects of our existence, particularly in the realm of relationships and personal well-being.

During the four-week period from September 24 to October 19, 2023, when the Sun moves through Libra, astrological aspects will present a mixed bag. While Libra seeks harmony, 14 quincunx aspects and an eclipse may introduce challenges and discord, making this month potentially demanding and transformative. Balancing relationships and adapting to change will be key themes.

In this article I will be covering the quincunx aspects and the Yod pattern. They are more difficult than other aspects and we have so many in this 4-week period I felt driven to give us some insight and information to work with.

Please keep in mind that in this article I am only focusing on that one aspect. For more complex and in-depth interpretation I welcome you to come and support me on my Patreon membership platform where I do cover all the aspects weekly and monthly. For an even move in-depth look at these aspects you can book your own personal session.

As the Sun enters the sign of Libra on September 23rd, we find ourselves faced with a series of challenging astrological aspects known as the quincunx. It was also known as the inconjunct in the past, they are one in the same. Every planet and the Sun and Moon are going to be involved in one or more of these aspects between September 24th and October 19, 2023.

In this article, I will break down each of these aspects to provide you with a clear understanding of what lies ahead and offer insight on how to navigate these celestial transits in our everyday life.

What is the quincunx? The quincunx aspect occurs when two planets are positioned five signs away from each other, sharing the same degree (I use a 2-degree orb). In this astrological configuration, the signs that the two planets are in lack any commonalities in regard to the Element, Modality, or Polarity.

They essentially stand in contrast with no shared ground between them. This inherent lack of commonality infuses the quincunx aspect with its characteristic traits of turbulence, contradiction, agitation, and paradoxical energies, ultimately it feels uncomfortable and a challenging aspect to navigate. We will be coping with uncertainty in decision-making in certain areas of life over the 4 weeks mentioned.

When the individual transit concludes (which varies depending on the planets' speed), a sense of relief may wash over us, but it often leaves us feeling as though we've undergone a profound initiation. It's highly advisable to maintain a detailed journal throughout this period, as it will enable you to discern the central theme that has emerged for you. This theme serves as the seed for future growth and development, represented by the planets and signs at play. In this article, I'll be delving into each aspect separately, the planets and signs. A personalized exploration of the house placements and the interactions of these transits to your natal chart can be arranged through a private session.


Two Quincunx’s coming from the same point but going to two different signs creates the Yod pattern. The base of the Yod is a sextile, it's shaped like an isosceles triangle. This pattern as well as the quincunx aspect is unintegrated energy, so we do not know how to use it. We're forced into adjustments. The Yod has three elements, two polarities, three modalities.

The Zodiac signs in each corner of the Yod is latent, hidden or dormant energy, we feel restlessness and insecurity; always searching for something. This is how it feels when you are born with the pattern “YOD” in your natal chart. When the Yod pattern forms in the sky through planetary transits as this article is talking about, these overarching feelings of restlessness and insecurity tend to manifest collectively. Individual results will vary.

Books have been written about the quincunx aspect and the “YOD” pattern. Today I simply want to share with you an abridged version of them since we will all be experiencing them as transits over the coming few weeks.

Now let us dive into the 14 quincunx aspects we have between September 24 to October 19, 2023

September 24th, the Sun quincunx Saturn highlights the tension between personal identity and the demands of structure and responsibility, it also offers opportunities for growth, resilience, and a balanced approach to life's ambitions and duties.

September 27th Mercury quincunx Chiron aspect often highlights challenges in communication and learning, rooted in past emotional wounds. However, it also provides an opportunity for healing, growth, and developing empathy for oneself and others who face similar challenges.

October 1st Mars quincunx Uranus When these two planets form a quincunx aspect it creates a unique and often challenging dynamic. It involves a balance between the desire for independence and the need to control impulsive tendencies. When managed consciously, this aspect can lead to innovation and breakthroughs, but it may also require learning to navigate the inherent tensions and unpredictability it brings.

October 5th Mercury quincunx Saturn aspect often presents challenges in communication, self-expression, and self-confidence. However, it also brings the gift of structured thinking and analytical skills. Overcoming self-doubt and finding a balance between careful consideration and effective communication are essential.

Also October 5th Mars quincunx Neptune aspect often brings a blend of conflicting energies, idealism, and sensitivity. While it can pose challenges related to assertiveness and direct action, it also offers opportunities for creative expression, empathy, and spiritual exploration. Learning to harness the inspirational and imaginative qualities of Neptune while staying grounded in reality is key. However trusting your intuition is the best indicator for what direction to take next.

October 6th Venus quincunx Pluto aspect often brings intense, transformative, and sometimes challenging dynamics to matters of love and relationships. It invites individuals to explore the depths of their emotions and desires, confront power struggles, and ultimately find growth and empowerment through self-understanding and the evolution of their partnerships.

October 7th Sun quincunx Jupiter aspect brings a blend of ambition, optimism, and a desire for growth and expansion in regard to our relationships. This detail is due to the fact that the Sun is in Libra and Jupiter is in Taurus. Both signs are ruled by the lady of Love “Venus”. While the Sun quincunx Jupiter can lead to over-extension and the need to adjust expectations, it also offers opportunities for personal and spiritual development. Learning to balance one's grand ambitions with practicality is vital.

October 9th Moon quincunx Neptune and the Moon quincunx Pluto creates a “YOD” pattern around 10:00 PM EDT. The Moon quincunx Neptune aspect often brings a blend of heightened sensitivity, creativity, and idealism. While it can lead to emotional challenges and a tendency to escape into fantasy, it also offers opportunities for artistic expression, intuition, and deep emotional connection with the self and others. Developing healthy boundaries and a realistic perspective is key. The Moon quincunx Pluto aspect often brings a blend of intense emotions, power dynamics, and a desire for deep emotional transformation. While it can lead to emotional challenges and conflicts, it also offers opportunities for profound healing, self-discovery, and growth. Developing healthy communication and trust in relationships is essential. So with the “YOD” pattern we have multitude of energies to work with.

October 12th Mercury quincunx Jupiter aspect often brings a blend of intellectual enthusiasm, optimism, and a desire for growth and expansion in knowledge. While it can lead to challenges related to exaggeration or overconfidence, it also offers opportunities for visionary thinking and a positive outlook on life. Finding a balance between big ideas and practical implementation is key.

October 14th we have the New Moon Solar Eclipse and a YOD from the Sun and Moon to Uranus and Neptune. Sun quincunx Uranus, Sun quincunx Neptune interpretations are below. So besides the requirements of the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Libra we also have the following energies to work with too. (In a nutshell the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Libra is looking for us to begin the process of finding balance and equilibrium in our lives. This will be a separate post). The following quincunxes will make it a lot of work. Moon (part of the eclipse) quincunx Uranus. This suggests a unique and somewhat challenging connection between our emotions (Moon) and the planet of innovation and unpredictability (Uranus) as well as Moon quincunx Neptune requires a balance between the dreamy and the practical, as well as the ability to discern reality from illusion. Developing healthy emotional boundaries and finding constructive outlets for your heightened sensitivity.

October 15th Sun (part of the eclipse) quincunx Uranus aspect often brings a blend of unconventional thinking, rebellion, and a strong desire for personal freedom. While it can lead to challenges related to erratic behavior and resistance to authority, it also offers opportunities for creativity, innovation, and a unique approach to life. Finding a balance between individuality and stability is essential.

October 17th Mercury quincunx Uranus aspect often brings a blend of unconventional thinking, quick-wittedness, and a strong desire for intellectual independence. While it can lead to challenges related to erratic communication and resistance to convention, it also offers opportunities for creativity, innovation, and a unique approach to problem-solving. Learning to bridge the gap between unconventional ideas and effective communication is important.

October 18th Sun quincunx Neptune (part of the eclipse) aspect often brings a blend of idealism, creativity, and sensitivity. While it can lead to challenges related to escapism and identity confusion, it also offers opportunities for artistic expression, empathy, and a deeper spiritual connection. Learning to bridge the gap between dreams and reality is important.

October 19th Mercury quincunx Neptune aspect often brings a blend of imagination, creativity, and sensitivity to communication and thinking. While it can lead to challenges related to clarity and discernment, it also offers opportunities for artistic expression, empathy, and intuitive insights. Learning to bridge the gap between the ideal and the real is important.

Also if you were born with the quincunx aspect and/or the pattern of the “YOD” in your natal chart you are going to understand these feelings better than others who are not born with them. Depending on your Souls journey so far, these transits in the sky may not affect you like they do others. We are each on our own path and some challenges are easier than others. The quincunx aspect tends to be more difficult than most, but if you are born with it you understand better than most.

To sum it up, which is really not easy to do. Over the time period mentioned September 24th through October 19, 2023. We all have a unique and spiritually significant life journey that has a lot of challenges along the way. Challenging transits such as these build character and encourage growth even though it seems difficult.

It's important for us to embrace our uniqueness, trust our intuition, and work on personal growth and healing to fully align with our higher purpose and destiny.

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Always grateful thank you for reading. Blessings and Namaste’ Dorothy



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