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Super Full Moon July 3, 2023 at 11 Capricorn

Super Full Moon Astrology July 3

With the Sun in Cancer and the Full Moon in Capricorn, there is a significant emphasis on matters related to your home, housing, career, and reputation.

It is hard not to be drawn into how we are feeling during a Super Full Moon like this. With the Sun in Cancer, we feel like we want to protect our family, inner circle, personal boundaries and emotions, and to provide nurturing care for our loved ones while spending quality time with them. On the other hand, the Full Moon in Capricorn presents a contrasting energy to Cancer. It reflects upon the aspects that provide us with a sense of safety, security, and stability.

Full Moons serve as opportunities for insight and self-awareness, highlighting what we are presently focusing on or perhaps neglecting but should prioritize.

Time is also something Capricorn is well known for, how much time do we have? In a day, in a week, in a lifetime? I am reminded regularly about how much time we truly have. For example I know a few people that are terminally ill, one in their 30’s, another just turned 50. I am willing to bet they see time very differently than others who are not in this situation. Time = is the Moon in Capricorn and a reminder we are mortal and should value all the minutes we have with those we love.

The Capricorn Full Moon also represents wisdom which only comes with time, respect your elders.

Cancer and Capricorn are Cardinal signs and Yin signs, which indicates their receptive nature and their ability to both receive and initiate action. So stay open and receptive during this Full Moon.

There could be a back and forth dynamic between the two energies as well that might look like this. Family versus career, are you spending too much time with one and not the other? You will be able to see this if you stop long enough to look.

Do you have an opportunity to move for a better job or you are contemplating a change in career direction due to family circumstances.

I also want to cover the subject of family care. Not for everyone but some of us. Matters around care-taking and nurturing of elder parents, young children or a sick loved one may be something you have to work through.

During the Full Moon in Capricorn, we can gain a heightened awareness of the limitations present in our lives. However, it also provides an opportunity to recognize the sources of security and structure that support us. This awareness enables us to transcend outdated ideas, thoughts, or emotions that no longer serve our growth and well-being.

If you have an interest in local politics and government, the Cancer-Capricorn polarity also symbolizes that domain. It may serve as inspiration for you to dedicate yourself to whatever area of interest you have within that realm.

I find it intriguing how the Moon in Capricorn aligns with our bank holiday here in the US. Capricorn energy is associated with hard work and diligence, focusing on responsibilities and work rather than indulging in play and leisure. It emphasizes the mindset of "What do I need to do now? What comes next? Hey, maybe just deciding if you want a burger or a hot dog or a salad is enough of a contrast for the day.

Now let’s move on to the Lunar Gestation Phase. A 3-year cycle that starts with every New Moon. There are a total of four 9 month cycles that start at the New Moon every month. Yes, that means we have a number of Lunar Gestation cycles running at the same time.

18 months ago we had a New Moon in Capricorn on JANUARY 2, 2022 that New Moon was at 12 Capricorn. Look back and see what you began back then that is related to your focus now as well as all the situations above that resonate with you today.

Nine months after on October 2, 2022 we had the First Quarter Moon at 9 degrees of Capricorn. What were you working hard on?

Please refer to the paper I have written, about what each Lunar Gestation Cycle focuses on.

Click Here is the link to that, you can read it or download it if you want.

The Video forecast will be posted on You-Tube within 48 hours of this blog. If you are part of my Patreon membership you already have the video forecast from Patreon in your inbox. Thank you my friends I hope you have a wonderful holiday full of love, laughter and fun. Go make some memories!

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